Fitting Everyone at the Dining Room Table


Amesbury Expandable Dining Room Table

With the holidays well underway, families are visiting and guests are coming over for parties more often – so how do you provide them with plenty of room to sit and plenty of table space at dinner without sacrificing your space for the rest of the year to come? For those living in smaller spaces, having too many chairs or too big a table would be disastrous for most of the year, but guests must be taken into account. Here are some suggestions for accommodating everyone at your next holiday event:


Expanding Tables

Expanding dining tables are, of course, always a good option. Most modern expandable dining tables are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting, with moving parts that will last a long time. In addition, expandable dining tables come in a variety of styles and options, ensuring that you can match them easily to your room’s needs. With many nicer tables, it’s difficult to even tell that the seams are there – the table works at any size

Fancy Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are often thought of as cheap and tacky, but modern, well-made folding chairs present a totally different image. Many are designed in stylish, unique ways that take advantage of their shape to provide a unique profile. In addition, many are made of materials like solid wood or steel, ensuring their lasting power and durability. Provide as many chairs as you need to your guests without having to worry about the extra chairs getting in the way the rest of the year.

Bench Seating

Finally, if chairs are taking up too much space at your dining room table, consider instead using a bench along the side of the table to welcome a few additional guests.


With these and many other tricks, you can enjoy a large holiday meal with your family or friends without worrying about what to do about the extra furniture afterward. Enjoy your spacious rooms most of the year and enjoy your company during the holidays.


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