All About Box Springs

What is The Function of Box Springs?

Box springs perform some essential functions, which can help preserve your mattress for years to come! Most importantly, box springs provide a firm base for the mattress. Innerspring mattresses can particularly benefit from this base, which prevents sagging, reduces general wear and tear, and can even prolong the life span of the mattress. A box spring also keeps the mattress off the floor, which can prevent dust mites, dust particles, and bugs from invading the mattress. Additionally, most people don’t realize that some mattress warranties specify recommended box springs or foundations for the mattress, and by choosing not to use them, you could be voiding your warranty.

Are Box Springs Necessary?

This ultimately depends on the mattress and the bed frame. A majority of new mattresses no longer require box springs. Memory foam mattresses, for example, don’t necessarily need box springs, although many people choose to use some sort of box spring or foundation for some added height. If you have a solid or slatted platform frame, this can be sufficient support for many mattresses. Furthermore, adjustable bases do not require box springs, assuming you are using a mattress that that is approved for adjustable beds. Regardless of what type of mattress or bed frame you choose, keep in mind that some mattress warranties are void if you fail to use the mattress on the recommended base, so you should check your warranty before making any decisions.

Are All Box Springs the Same Height?

No. Just like mattresses, box springs and mattress foundations are available in varying heights so you can choose the style that works best for you. Standard box springs are 9 inches tall, while low profile box springs tend to be on the shorter – normally between 5 and 6 inches. The box spring height does not affect performance or mattress support but tends to be an aesthetic preference. If you like a modern, sleek look, a low-profile foundation may be right for you. It can also be a great option for people who have trouble getting in and out of bed.


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