Accent Chairs – Pulling Your Room Together

Are you looking for that one last piece of furniture to pull the whole room together? Why not try an accent chair? Accent chairs provide your room with the addition of a stylish piece of furniture that you’ve been looking for. Accent chairs are a timeless accessory that continues to fill the voids of both space and style.  Before purchasing your accent chair, there are some things to consider:

What style are you going for?

It is important that your accent chair matches the style of the room you’re designing while still adding a bit of pizazz.  Think about the shape, fabric, and size you are looking for.  Are you going for a more modern look or one that is more traditional? If you are going for a modern look, you may want to consider purchasing an armless chair is a fun and modern aesthetic.  If you are looking for a more traditional style chair, you may be looking for a chair with arms that has toned down colors or fabrics, allowing it to fit right it.

Where will you use it?

It’s true that an accent chair can be placed just about anywhere.  Therefore, when thinking about where to place it, consider where you might use it the most.  Maybe you’re looking to place it close by your fireplace for a nice and cozy reading spot.  Maybe you don’t plan to use it at all and it is purely for decoration.  Whatever your plan, think about where you are looking to place your chair as it could sway your decision regarding which accent chair to purchase.

Is one enough?

It’s not crazy to want more than one accent chair in a room.  Many times it only feels natural to have a couple chairs between a side table or next to each other in your living room.  When thinking about where you want your new accent chair, ask yourself if one is enough. Another accent chair may compliment the room nicely.

Armchair or Armless chair?

One last thing to consider is whether or not your accent chair is going to be with or without arms.  Armchairs provide a much more classic look to your room.  They fit very nicely in living and dining rooms. Armless Chairs are not usually as large as armchairs so look nice next to a love seat or a sofa. When purchasing an armless accent chair, think about the pop of color and unique style it could bring to your room.

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